Hitachi Metals America

Hitachi Metals America distributes a variety of Tool Steel material produced by our production mill in Japan @ Yasugi Specialty Steels. Our steels are fully stocked at our Cincinnati, Ohio location of DIEHL Tool Steels, a subsidiary of Hitachi Metals America.

Our fully integrated steel production unit @ YASUGI Special Steel has the industry’s most up to date equipment to offer the best melting, re-melting, forging, rolling & finishing in the manufacturing of Specialty Steel.

Hitachi Metals America is also members of NADCA & PMA

Hot Work Die Steels

Forging: Our various grades of H13 and specially alloyed forging die blocks offer customers the advantages of longer die life & fewer weld repairs

Die Casting: Our DAC P and DAC Magic are fully NADCA approved to Class B & C to offer our customers

Cold Work Tool Steels

Stamping Die material such as A2, D2 & S7 as well as highly alloyed steels such as propriety alloyed steels like SLD Magic, YXR and SLDi. These steels are designed to maximize the best die performance with outstanding wear, chipping & galling characteristics.

Plastic Mold Steels

We offer CENA V and a variety of other mold steels to support the injection molding industry.

High Speed Steels & Matrix Steels

We produce M2, M42 and Powder Metal Steels for Cutting Tools, Broaches & Gear Cutting Hobs

Steel Block Processing

With our DIEHL Tool Steel (Hitachi subsidiary) operational capabilities in Cincinnati, Ohio, our Tool Steels can be offered with six side milling surfaces within +/- .005 tolerances as we apply our Amada THV 100 duplex mill. All of our tool steel blocks are FARO-ARM validated by dimensional report to meet exact tolerances required by our customers.

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Cold Work Tool Steel for Blanking & Forming Dies

Hot Work Tool Steel for Die Casting & Forging Dies

Matrix Type High Speed Steel for Stamping Dies & Cutting Tools

Plastic Mold Steel for Lens Mold Steels