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Precautions in Handling and Usage

1. Parameters like inductance may change by sheets in ferrite cores. Also, it may become difficult to achieve proper characteristics if cores are subjected to even momentary magnetization by strong magnet. Handle carefully.

CAUTION: The edge of the surface of ferrite core is sharp. Minute burrs may be present. Handle carefully. Ferrite cores are weak and prone to shock damage. Shocks may cause cracking and chipping in cores. Inspect ferrite cores for cracks prior to use. If ferrite cores are used without inspecting for cracks, deterioration of characteristics and heating may result.
CAUTION: Observe the following to prevent injury caused by cracks or chips. Protect eyes from broken core pieces.
Do not drop or expose ferrite cores to shocks because it is easy to cause chipping.Keep strong magnets away from ferrite cores. Magnets may break the core by the shock.Do not subject cores to rapid changes in temperature(heat shock). If rapid temperature changes are required, please contact Hitachi Metals, Ltd. first.

CAUTION: Not consumable by humans. Keep away from infant

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