Hitachi Metals America

To increase the toughness of Hitachi's special cast steel rolls, the carbon content of the rolls is lower than other cast rolls. This process makes these steel rolls, which can withstand heat and heavy rolling loads, suitable for work rolls and back-up rolls.

Cast Roll Size Limitations

Static Cast Rolls

Maximum 2500 mm diameter
Minimum 600 mm diameter

Centrifugal Cast Rolls - Iron and Steel

Maximum 1580 mm diameter
Maximum 4000 mm barrel length
Minimum 600 mm diameter

Hinex (CPC) Rolls

Maximum 870 mm diameter
Maximum 2800 mm barrel length
Minimum 450 mm diameter

Hinex Jr. Spin Cast HSS

Maximum 1270 mm diameter
Maximum 2700 mm barrel length
Minimum 320 mm diameter

HIP (Powdered Metal) Rolls

Maximum 420 mm diameter
Maximum 1200 mm barrel length
Capabilities for 600 x 1800 HIP by Out Sourcing

Carbide Rolls

Ring Type - Maximum 450 mm diameter, Maximum 200 mm length
One Piece Roll - Maximum 400 mm diameter, Minimum 700 length

Weight Restriction

120 Metric tons