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Hot Work Tool Steel

DAC-P is most widely used as die insert material for aluminum and zinc die casting molds. Although DAC-P material was modified from H13 grade steel, when compared to AISI H13 grade, DAC-P has improved the balance of strength, toughness and heat resistance.  With the introduction of isotropic technology, DAC-P material has become tougher with improved stability for prolonged die life.           

DAC-P meets the material specification of NADCA #207.  In addition, DAC-P was recently listed as provisional insert material on GM DC-9999-1 and Ford AMTD-DC2010 standards documents.


  • Good balance of both strength at elevated temperature and toughness
  • Good machinability with less deformation after heat treatment


  • General die for aluminum die casting
  • Die for zinc die casting


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