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Neodymium (NEOMAX®)

As part of the rare earth family of permanent magnets, Neodymium (Nd)-Iron (Fe) Boron (B) material is often referred to as Nd and offers the most advanced permanent magnet material available today. Nd magnets have an excellent dollar value in terms of price per unit of energy product allowing small shapes and sizes with high magnetic fields. These magnets can be found in high-performance motors, actuators, speakers, hard disk drives, sensors, and numerous other areas.

Hitachi Metals America Ltd. (HMA) offers a complete line of Nd magnets.


  • Lower costs than samarium cobalt
  • High energy products (up to 56 MGOe)
  • Good mechanical characteristics
  • More temperature dependent than samarium cobalt
  • Susceptible to surface oxidation and often require a suitable surface treatment

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