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HMA policy, as part of the Hitachi group of companies, precludes HMA from involvement in any activity related to Weapons of Mass Destruction or any weapons proliferation activity. HMA has special procedures in place to comply with US export controls, including the International Traffic in Arm Regulations, the Export Administration Regulations, and the various embargo and sanctions programs administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

HMA refuses to accept technical data or any information controlled for any reason under any of these laws absent express agreement by HMA. If the information you wish to supply to HMA is so controlled, please advise HMA BEFORE you send such information. Special arrangements will be made and a separate determination reached about whether HMA can and will accept it.

Absent advance notification of controlled status, HMA will treat all information you share with HMA as uncontrolled. If you have any questions about this policy, please discuss them with HMA BEFORE any information is exchanged.

Thank you for your cooperation.